Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque; Saturday, February 23, 2019 7:30 pm; Sundin Music Hall

Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque Guitar Duo

Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque Guitar Duo

Presented by Minnesota Guitar Society

Saturday, February 23, 2019

7:30 pm

Sundin Music Hall at Hamline University

1531 Hewitt Avenue

St Paul, MN 55104

General Admission $25

Members/Seniors $20

Students $10


Inspired by the rhythms and melodies of flamenco, jazz, classical, rock and the Balkan region, this performance will feature the unrivaled guitar artistry of two of the finest players of their respective generations.

Aaron Cohen for Downbeat Magazine:

“Ivanovic and Haque sound like committed internationalists. Their disc’s liner notes emphasize the duo’s mixed background — Ivanovic has Balkan parents and he studied classical music in Salzburg; Haque is part Pakistani, part Chilean, and is as much of an eclectic as his musical partner. While their compositions draw from Macedonian folk songs and pay homage to Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, it’s the pair’s intricate harmonies that make Seven Boats an impressive recording. Both of these guitarists have impeccable technique, yet they are astute in choosing to go the route of minimalism and evocative uses of space. Ivanovic’s title track is a great example of how to move dynamics with the right amount of subtlety.”

Hamline map

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I'm an expatriate Memphis musician and an instructor at a private music college in Minnesota. I find a greater clarity in my appreciation for music from Memphis and the Mississippi Delta region, now that I've lived away from it for decades, than when I was growing up in the midst of it.

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