SOLD OUT! Phil Keaggy; Heart of the City Music Factory, Anoka, MN; Friday, September 13 @ 8PM; Saturday, September 14 @ 5PM & 8PMSOLD OUT


SOLD OUT! Phil Keaggy

Heart of the City Music Factory, Anoka, MN

Friday, September 13 @ 8PM

Saturday, September 14 @ 5PM & 8PM

$40 adv/$45 at door


Heart of the City Music Factory

2665 4th Ave, Anoka, MN 55303

(612) 990-6192


Phil Keaggy is one of America’s greatest guitarists and his solo career has spanned more than 40 years, including over 60 solo albums, both vocal and instrumental, 8 releases with his band, Glass Harp, as well as numerous duets and trio albums. He was voted Best Fingerstyle Guitarist for three years in a row by Guitar Player Magazine. These days, Phil Keaggy continues to delight audiences all over the US performing primarily acoustic shows, and occasional concerts with a band.

The Heart of the City Music Factory is a beautiful, Victorian style Event Center and Concert Venue on the 2nd floor of the historic World War I era “Old Milk Factory” located on the Rum River in Anoka, MN. This Music Factory doubles as a concert venue and as a rentable venue for luncheons, meetings, reunions, small weddings and receptions. The venue includes a high quality sound system, stage lighting, a large, 12 foot screen and video projector as well as three large video monitors throughout the facility that allow for unobstructed views of the stage in all parts of the venue.
Heart of the City Music Factory

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I'm an expatriate Memphis musician and an instructor at a private music college in Minnesota. I find a greater clarity in my appreciation for music from Memphis and the Mississippi Delta region, now that I've lived away from it for decades, than when I was growing up in the midst of it.

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  1. Caught BOTH Evenings ‘with Phil’; what REscheduled since some year prior’s postponement do earlier Version/s COVID-19. His Retirement announced years Prior at Opening of New Christian Concert Venue bit West of Omaha, NE on 6Th/Hwy 34; in Old, YET Independent City (now SEEMing like Suburb), fairly Middle of ‘Greater’ Omaha, NE!!!

    Extremely Informal, Quite Cozy, no bad seat ‘In the House’, all ‘Stage Centered! Bit Historic Commercial Building in ‘Old DownTown’ of Little Ol’ City long ago engulfed by Omaha … then surrounded by such Suburbs! Informal as I’ve ever seen, short of equally Intimate, bit more Classic Renovation of Ol’ Factory at Anoka, MN’s ‘Heart Of The City Music Factory’!!!

    Yes, SWEET! All the sweeter, good as TWO Keaggy Gigs, no less … bit ‘farewell’, gigs! As checked few nights ago, Phil’s current and Main Net-Site … there were no official further Venues scheduled.

    While certain gig in Brainerd, MN stands out in my mind, one believed donated, Concert’s Ticket Shares supporting Local Christian cause/s … only time I’ve EVER seen [Short of Occasion in (far North, bit East) Colorado Springs, CO (when breaking E-string on last ‘count’ of measureS-long riff, covering Octaves from high point, culminating in descending triplets, to Accent back at highest note, at/on BREAK of String! Yes, PAUSED, just the moment, his/Our listening to early line, it’s wonderful accent OF Melodic Line to which immediately, Phil intuitively looped another; incorporating rather than replacing … having … ‘too much fun’ , if is such thing!?! Phil’s further dancing his Electric with and ‘round Phil’s sound, Unique!)] … but back to first ‘Story’ … A time I’ve ever seen Phil ‘Stop’… ‘during’ a show since then; or even pause as in Brainerd’s, “That’s not it.” Bit similar, chord or two, Phil had drifted from solo of Interlude in one Original, into Another!

    At that time, Keaggy Originals numbered more like 35 than current 55 ‘Solo Albums’; not counting Dozens More Recordings … WITH Dozens More Groups and Individuals! SO smoothly … understandably … Phil had melded one of his Creation to another also ‘in his head’. HAD he NOT paused … EVER so briefly to say … “That’s not it.” … even I might not have noticed what Phil so shorty mentioned as ‘fluke’!

    In any case, at the Anoka ‘Factory’, catching there, Phil’s Last Eve … seemed a Sense … Phil was bit seriously, without this time actually saying (as had announced/warned few years back near Omaha) … … … Anoka … in yet only cooling Fall of (MinnesNoWta ; ) … seemed to me, thee last of two Eve Occasion to truly be … bit UNsaid… ‘Farewell’.

    Phil STILL Recording as yet Writing/Composing … yet seriously this time, at least for ‘bit’ … OFF ‘The ROAD’. STILL seems short notice visits or ‘fly throughs’ and ‘short notice’ Venues, suddenly filled, as Paul Clark or 2Nd Chapter of Acts members would have or join as Old Friends gather, and might ‘officialize’ some bit a Jam ; ) ; but what of ‘Road’ and repeated Altitude Adjustment/s … to at least SOME degree … Phil T. Keaggy might sort of actually, really, at least ‘this … this ‘Time’ … …’ be ‘retired’!?! ?


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