Pat Donohue Guitar Summit: with Tim Sparks and Dan Neale; Friday January 31, 2020; 7PM; The Dunsmore Jazz Room


Pat Donohue Guitar Summit: with Tim Sparks and Dan Neale

Friday January 31, 2020


The Dunsmore Jazz Room


Crooners Supper Club

6161 Highway 65 NE

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432


Join former Prairie Home Companion alumni Pat Donohue and two of the best acoustic guitarists anywhere for an evening of guitar excellence. Martin Zellar guitar man Dan Neale, and Rio Nido co-founder and six string wizard Tim Sparks join Pat for solo and duo guitar spinning excursions. This trio is a world class premiere!


Published by baldpomegranatenixon

I'm an expatriate Memphis musician and an instructor at a private music college in Minnesota. I find a greater clarity in my appreciation for music from Memphis and the Mississippi Delta region, now that I've lived away from it for decades, than when I was growing up in the midst of it.

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